Brisbane2032 Announcement & Olympics Live

Brisbane became the global focus after The International Olympic Committee
Announced the City would host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A completely green site, a pandemic, site complexities and only one chance to show the world what Brisbane has got… this sounds like a gig for DarkArts Global. 26 Tonne of scaffold and staging, Km’s of cabling, LED Screen, Camera Systems, Communications System, Lighting, Concert PA, Content Creation, News Crosses, a City Wide Light Show and the best crew in the business.

Torian Pro 2021

DarkArts Global supplied full end to end production for the 2021 Torian Pro Games.
Alongside the Elite athletes battling it out to earn a spot at the CrossFit Games Final, this annual event brings together CrossFit Athletes and fans from across the region to celebrate fitness, friendship and fun. DarkArts enhanced this elite sporting event with a stadium PA system, large format LED screen, custom content creation, Lighting and atmospherics and a complete communications system.

Feliz Navidad: The Cibeles, Madrid:

A unique structure amongst the cityscape of Madrid, The Madrid City Council in conjunction with Samsung closed the streets and sent out the Christmas cheer… ‘Feliz Naivdad’ to a massive audience estimated to be over 100,000 people! This projection mapping event was augmented with fireworks above the 80m high structure that could be seen all over the city.
Stepping into centuries old tunnels under the roads to run cables, marvelling at the architecture’s authenticity, we painted a story of Christmas for the masses!
Brief Technical Spec’s… 20 x 20k projectors, 7thDelta servers, cable & power distribution across 3 tower sites.

Australian Track and Field Championships 2021

DarkArts Global delivered live sports presentation services to Athletics Australia for their 2021 Championship event. Services included, communications system, venue PA system, LED Screen and switching, entertainment lighting and atmospherics and pyrotechnics.

Full Dome projection... Tourism New Zealand’s Giant Inflatable Rugby Ball:

The concept of ‘dome projection’ conjures up possibilities of total immersion into another reality. It’s one of those unicorn projects one relishes getting their teeth into, but this was no ordinary spherical venue! This was a ‘Rugby Ball’ of EPIC proportions with its own unique challenges to overcome… if stretch and tilt were unique then think… inflatables mean shape changes due to temperatures and wind. To be part of the design team was a truly inspiring and collaborative experience.

Inside Out Productions Louis Vuitton 150th Birthday

One of the worlds iconic brands turned to a New Zealand company to deliver the goods for the birthday! I will always be eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with Mike and Maree @ Inside-Out Productions NZ. To synchronise all the timing (video and live performance) and comms communications for the event. New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong with a fully purposed bespoke portable structure projection mapped on the outside to look like the iconic suitcases that can only be recognised as LV.

An Indian Wedding: (can’t say who’s sorry)

Hey Scott! What’re you doing?… Hey man, just got back from a job in South Korea… why? Want to come to India and map a large building for a wedding? Oh yeah sure, when? Ohhh… next week!!! … Wait what??
14 tons of equipment priority ex Amsterdam, Detroit and LA to Mumbai while I also organise crew and visas – 5 days working round the clock. On site… 5 days to deploy scaff tower 30m wide, 10m high for 85 projectors & signal/power distribution. 2 nights of events… 1 day for the out! You’re welcome…

Dewars Whisky:

An immersive touring experience worldwide for people to learn the difference between a good and a bad whisky (without the ‘e’ because it’s Scottish). This mix of virtual and live hosted experience offered people an experience where they could learn, immerse and even blend their own whisky. A delightful project that saw us tour thru China, Malaysia, Greece, and Russia to name a few.

Big Pineapple Festival 2021

DarkArts recently supplied Production Management, Lighting Design, Lighting Ops, Vision Ops and servers to the Big Pineapple Music Festival. Thank you to DW Sound for having us along for the 2021 festival. What an outstanding achievement to all involved to get the festival running during the Pandemic.